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    Amy has been photographing events and portraits professionally for more than 20 years.
    She has worked for corporations, universities, designers, non-profit organizations, event planners, networking groups, individuals, and herself.
    Her work is both traditional and not so traditional, candid and posed, photographing events and groups 
large and small, portraits on location, or in her
South Loop home/studio. 

    "Photographing events is my specialty, and I 

document an event so that it tells a story. My work is candid in nature. I am an editorial photographer.


   "When shooting events, I enjoy being part of the

action, the contact with people and the energy of it.

I am relaxed and sociable, but know when to hang

back and be invisible. These are among my favorite shots.

A bit about Amy...

    "In my personal work, I find myself on the street photographing facades, doorways, things in rows, order and the absence of it, all things colorful.
     "I thrive on details and nuances. ironic juxtapositions. I like sneaking up on people. I believe that
spontaneity is the key to good photography.
     "After picking up my father's camera at the age of 14,
it was hard for me to put it down, and I feel like I've been a photographer ever since. It has been a constant passion in my life, carrying me into adulthood and a professional career. 
    "I love working with people. I love my job."














                                   Amy Rothblatt Photography                                                              1931 S. Clark St. D

                                                 Chicago, IL  60616

                                                 cell: 312-480-0627











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